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Insurance For Lawyers & Attorneys

Insurance for Certified Public Accountants- CPAs

CoverWallet offers Insurance to companies of all sizes tailoring coverage to specific requirements of each client. We offer insurance products from top carriers nationwide to fit our clients' requirements. This allows us to cover more industries and products than competitors and quote a high rate of the leads we receive. CoverWallett has over 30 insurance products catering to industries including but not limited to: Administrative Services and Building Maintenance, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, Construction, Consultants, Contractors, Education, Finance and Insurance, Food and Accommodation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Scientific and Technical Services, Real Estate, Rentals and Leasing, Retail, Sports, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Transportation and Warehousing and Wholesale Trade.

Azimuth Risk

Azimuth Risk Solutions offers a wide range of travel medical and student insurance plans at an affordable price. Our easy-to-purchase plans include 24-hour travel services and benefits, giving our customers the best experience possible.

Azimuth Risk

Coverd FR

Coverd, the new generation 100% digital mobile insurance. All phones are accepted: new, used, rented, reconditioned. Support for an accident phone is made within 24 hours by courier or secure box.


Mason Finance

Mason Finance is the perfect solution for seniors with unwanted, unneeded, or unfordable life insurance policies. The two most common reasons that people sell their policies are 1. they can no longer afford their life insurance premiums or 2. they no longer want/need the protection. We help people turn their existing life insurance policies into a lump sum cash payment that can be used to support retirement, cover medical expenses, pay for long-term care, or literally anything else. Not only does the policyholder get a lump sum cash payment but they also eliminate all future premium payments. Mason Finance is a government licensed direct policy buyer known as a life settlement provider. We have 3 target customers: 1. People aged 70+ with life insurance that they no longer need, want, or can afford 2. People of any age with life insurance battling a severe illness that need additional financial support 3. Caregivers of either 1) or 2) Our online estimate flow is highly optimized for conversion and more than half of the traffic that starts our estimate flow finishes. The conversion pixel fires on the “estimate” page and the user does not have to enter payment information at any point on the Mason Finance website. 


Open Blue Insurance

Open Blue Insurance is a licensed carrier offering coverage to businesses of all sizes with monthly payments and discounts of up to 20%. 

Small Business Insurance


Insurance is a form of risk management which involves transferring a risk that you bear, onto an insurance firm, so that you will no longer need to worry about any event occurring, like death and accident. In this process, you pay a fee or premium. What you get in return is peace of mind. The risk that you are transferring with life insurance is the financial risk of your own death. Keep in mind that it is in certain circumstances possible to insure the life of another person, such as your husband or wife, your children, or an important employee. Your insurance company will then pay out to the named beneficiary once the event occurs. Usually, the person insured is a family member or a business associate.

The thing that insurance companies will be looking for is an insurable interest. Insurance policy states that you could only insure the life of someone that you have a real interest in surviving. Public policy issue also exists that it would be tempting to some people to insure strangers and then make sure they died soon. Your insurance policy will have two important details defined right at the outset.

The first is who is to be paid out under the policy. While this seems obvious, it is important to think carefully about it as, unlike in most insurance contracts, the purchaser of the policy is rarely the beneficiary under a life insurance policy.

The second important detail is the amount to be paid out on to occurrence of the event. It must be remembered that this is also subject to the rule of insurable interest. Therefore you cannot have a policy on your life for more than your life is reasonably financially worth. Since the premium is partially calculated on the amount of the payout, you will simply be paying for more insurance than you can receive. Therefore be honest with how much you earn and how much support you are providing to your family so that the premium will be accurately assessed.

Always consider things when applying for an insurance policy. Check out the background of your insurance company. Ask referrals from acquaintances who are insurance policy holders themselves. Many scrupulous firms carry out insurance fraud to deceive the people and steal their hard-earned money by signing them into bogus insurance policies. This is another thing you should know. For an added peace of mind, you should try to invest in fraud investigation. Report a fraud, especially insurance fraud.

Health Insurance Directory
Search for a variety of
different health plan options by state,
including individual and family, small
group short-term, student, Medicare
supplementa and dental plans.



eHealthInsurance is one of the nation's leading online sources of health insurance for individuals and families. They have established relationships with more than 180 health insurance carriers and over 10,000 health insurance products online. In addition, they are the only site that allows a consumer to view quotes, compare plans side-by-side and apply for health insurance.

Home insurance

Landlord Insurance UK for home insurance

Allstate Motor Club Roadside Advantage. Sign Up Today!

Towergate Insurance's Landlord Insurance compares quotes from leading insurers and our in-house property underwriters to find you the right coverage at the right price. We aim to find you cover regardless of the number of properties you own or the type of tenant you have. 

Automobile insurance


At, we provide insurance & full protection products for rental cars. We understand that car rental insurance can be complex & confusing. We aim to provide simple solutions, customised to our customer’s destination & country of origin.

Rental Cover
Allstate Motor Club Roadside Advantage. Sign Up Today!
Allstate Motor Club Roadside Advantage. Sign Up Today!

Established in 1961, we at Allstate Motor Club have worked hard to provide our members with peace of mind on the road. Because we are affiliated with Allstate Insurance Company, membership with Allstate Motor Club comes with knowing that there are two trusted companies watching out for your customer and their vehicle.

We started as the first truly national motor club offering superior roadside benefits. From the beginning, membership included reimbursement for towing and roadside service, trip planning, an arrest bond certificate, a theft reward, Accidental Death Insurance and payment for legal services.

Insurance4carhire for car insurance

Insurance4carhire is part of the Towergate Partnership, Europe’s largest independent insurer

Youi for insurance

We get that you're all different, living in different homes and driving different cars so you should be with an insurer who understands you. We tailor-make a policy to suit your needs. Simply put, at Youi, we get you.