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Handeys Finanzen CH

The central element on our website is a credit calculator for general loans up to 250,000 francs and an SME leasing calculator of up to 2 million francs. In addition, credit inquiries are made via our specific loan request forms - SME loans, for example, up to 2 million francs. Interested visitors can apply for a loan online in just a few minutes.

FINANZCHECK.de is the fastest growing, independent online comparison portal for installment loans and private financial products. By means of an uncomplicated and within seconds online query over 30 bank products can be compared in a few minutes.

SmarterLoan.com provides an easy and convenient way for consumers to be matched with a personal loan from $1,000 to $10,000.

Even Financial is a B2B2C fintech company that is transforming the way financial institutions find and connect with consumers. By seamlessly connecting financial institutions and channel partners through its industry-leading API. Even turns any consumer touchpoint into an ROI-driven, programmatic acquisition source with full compliance and security for personal loans. Even is backed by leading VCs and financial services firms including American Express Ventures, Citi Ventures, F-Prime Capital (Fidelity), Goldman Sachs, LendingClub, and MassMutual Ventures.

BlockFi offers crypto interest-earning accounts with up to 8.6% APY. This allows clients holding crypto like Bitcoin & Ether to earn compounding interest. BlockFi also offers low-cost USD loans backed by crypto. Access crypto capital without selling. 


UK finance broker of secured loans for home improvements and debt consolidation.

LendKey - Student Loan Refinancing

LendKey is where borrowers can access and shop from a network of not-for profit, local lenders who offer low-cost and low-rate student loan refinancing. 

View student loan options (300x250)" > Find The Best Student loan for Summer '20 with Student Loan Hero (300x600)" >

SimpleTuition is the smart way to choose student loans. We are dedicated to helping students and their families through the confusing education loan process by providing innovative and effective tools, resources, and most importantly, choices that help students and families make the best choice for them.

LoanMart has been a trusted source for auto title loans and personal loans for more than a decade with over 250,000 satisfied customers. Now, partnering with Comenity Capital Bank, LoanMart proudly serves the states of Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.

FutureFuel.io exists to CRUSH student debt. In 3.5 minutes, users can find forgiveness options, save thousands via federal repayment plans, sweep spare change to student debt, and direct up to 30% cash back from everyday purchases to your student debt. The average user saves $15,000 and shaves 5 years off of their student loans. 


Our product: BroCash-gives students access to fair, simple-to-use micro loans that help them build their credit and make smart financial decisions before they graduate.

Blue Trust Loans is a trusted leader in the installment loan industry offering short term, personal installment loans ranging from $200 to $1,250. With decades of experience in the personal loan industry, the Blue Trust Loans team of professionals always have customers' and partners' best interests in mind as the first priority. 

OppLoans provides nonprime borrowers a better personal loan of up to $10,000. OppLoans offers an easy online application, quick decisions, and funds the next day.

McMakler DE ist ein aktiver Full-Service Immobiliendienstleister und kombiniert modernste Vermarktungstechnologien mit der persönlichen Betreuung der Kunden durch eigene Makler vor Ort. Das Unternehmen hat sich in den letzten Jahren zu einer bekannten und etablierten Marke entwickelt und übernimmt als einer der schnellst wachsenden Immobilienmakler Deutschlands die Vorreiterrolle im Proptech-Segment.

Medirectbank BE 

De online bank die vermogensbeheer voor iedereen toegankelijk maakt, spaarrekeningen met hoge rentes aanbiedt en waar u tegen lage kosten kunt beleggen, met keuze uit een breed aanbod aan aandelen, obligaties, fondsen en trackers. Bovendien krijgt u onpartijdige analyses en ratings van Morningstar.

Kredu DE PRM 

Kunden registrieren und verifizieren sich komplett online und erhalten in nur wenigen Minuten ihre virtuelle Kreditkarte. Die Bonität des Kunden entscheidet über die Höhe des möglichen Kreditrahmens

Credafin, courtier spécialisé du crédit à la consommation en Belgique francophone, est une entreprise proposant les meilleurs taux du marché pour ses clients. Fort de son réseaux de partenaires prêteurs, nous pouvons proposer une palette considérable en produits financiers à des taux planchers.

smava ist Deutschlands größter Kreditvergleich und bietet seit 2007 Kreditnehmern schnell, einfach und günstig Kredite an.
Heute gehört smava zu den Innovationsführern im Bereich Online Kreditvergleich und bietet allen Affiliates modernste Vergleichsrechner an.

budgetcheck.ch AG CH

Budgetcreditcheck.ch (Produktmarke der budgetcheck.ch AG) ist ein unabhängiger Dienstleister und Interessenvertreter der Kunden. Fundiertes Know-How und langjährige Erfahrungen im Finanzierungsbereich ermöglichen eine kompetente Beratung.

Mozzeno BE 

Wij geven particulieren de mogelijkheid om in te schrijven op financieringsinstrumenten die ons dan weer de mogelijkheid geven om persoonlijke projecten van consumenten te financieren

Chez mozzeno, nous pensons que l’argent doit vivre, doit circuler, doit permettre à des projets concrets de se réaliser. Utilisé positivement le crédit est un accélérateur de projet. Permettant dès aujourd’hui de réaliser ce qui, sans lui, ne serait possible que demain. Il stimule l’économie réelle.

CrediMaxx DE

Wir sind der 3. größte Kreditvermittler in Deutschland. Uns gibt es seit 2007. Wir sind auf Kreditsuchende spezialisiert, bei denen Vergleichsportalen und den Hausbanken nicht mehr zuhören oder gleich die rote Karte zeigen. DIe Ablehnung entsteht meist durch die Tatsache, dass standardisierte IT-Prozesse nur nach Fakten arbeiten und sich nicht mit den tatsächlichen Umständen auseinandersetzen. Wir versuchen mit unserer "Ein Produkt-Strategie", besseren Prozessen und Schnittstellen Menschen unter die Arme zugreifen und ihnen ein Stück weit Hoffnung zu geben, wenn alle anderen nicht mehr helfen

Get Me Car Finance are a specialist car finance company offering finance at some superb rates, with in some instances no deposits or fees. We also specialise in helping customers who have poor credit histories find car finance packages.

Whether you have been refused car credit elsewhere due to CCJ's, Poor Credit History, Disability, Self Employment or any other reason, it doesn't matter to us. This is because we underwrite our own car finance packages and can confidently say we are No1 for car credit approval in the UK. We do not rely on other financial institutions decisions as we lend our own money and we lend to every applicant


We give sellers the best of both worlds: the reassurance of a dedicated local estate agent to guide them through their sale, combined with the cost-saving efficiency of an online service

 P E R S O N A L B A N K I N G

Yelp aims to connect millions of people to great, local businesses as well as offer the owners of these establishments the opportunity to promote their business using a variety of free and paid tools. Through the Yelp Business page, users can respond to reviews and upload photos, along with incorporating paid, cost-per-click advertising.


From a fixed price of just £90, you can write a will that will be checked by one of our legal experts in as little as 20 minutes.

Fellow Finance

At Fellow Finance you can get a loan on the same day, without guarantors or additional guarantees from the Borrower.

McMakler DE

Seit 2015 verbindet McMakler modernste, digitale Analyse-, Vermarktungs- und Kommunikationstechnologien mit der persönlichen Beratung seiner Kunden durch eigene Makler vor Ort. McMakler positioniert sich als junges, technologieaffines Unternehmen zwischen Online-Maklern und tradierten Maklerbüros

Panorabanques FR

Avec Panorabanques les internautes peuvent facilement comparer leur banque avec plus de 150 banques partout en France : banques en ligne, banques traditionnelles, tarifs, services… La comparaison est très précise et permet enfin aux internautes de choisir leur banque sur des critères rationnels : sur les frais et services bancaires, sur les produits d'épargne et de crédit.

Key Retirement is the UK's number one broker specialising in expert equity release advice. We welcome all applications from prospective affiliate partners, and can help you offer equity release as an option for your customers.

We predominantly target over 55’s as these are the people who qualify for our core products; equity release and pension annuities.  However, our Will writing and LPAs are open to any age.

E-file.com is an online tax software provider, offering consumer tax preparation and e-filing. E-file.com offers all the features that the biggest names provide but at up to half the cost to consumers. Affiliates get paid on all federal tax filings, state tax filings and tax extensions. We offer free federal tax filling to consumers who qualify (affiliates still earn) making for a great promotional opportunity.

Vivus.es es la compañía líder en préstamos rápidos online.

  • Concedemos desde 50 € hasta 900 €.
  • A devolver en 30 días.
  • Proceso online: pide tu préstamo rápido y sin papeleos.
  • Como oferta de bienvenida para nuevos clientes, consigue tu primer préstamo de hasta 300 € sin intereses ni comisiones.
  • Anunciado en TV y radio: fuerte presencia de marca que apoya a la campaña online en comparación con nuestros competidores.
  • GEO: España
  • No aprobamos préstamos a clientes que pertenezcan a listas de morosos (Asnef).

At First4Lawyers we don’t compromise on service standards. Our people are proud of our high standards and of our values of integrity and customer focus.

Online Tax Rebates Limited

We are the UK's largest tax refund company. We've obtained over 500,000 refunds to date for UK taxpayers. We have been trading since 2012 and we have become the most trusted service it the marketplace, all of our websites are rated 5* Excellent for customer satisfaction on Trustpilot.

We have an advanced bespoke system for claim which means a customer can submit a claim directly from our website in less than 2 minutes. The service can be used on desktop and mobile but it works particularly well on mobile devices and more than 80% of our customers submit their claim on a smartphone.