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offered VIZITAȚI







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Through the HempFusion affiliate program, your patrons can access unique hemp products with beneficial properties to support the mental and physical well-being. These CBD products were designed by a board certified naturopathic doctor. HempFusion has an array of hemp products including topical's, liquids, and capsules.







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Please! DO NOT take any more pain relief medicine until you watch this head-spinning video.

It all started when the famous CBS TV show “60 Minutes” did a report in which experts said drug companies were trying to keep this natural pain relief miracle hidden from the public because they could NOT patent it and make a fortune from it.

The big greedy drug companies convinced and connived Mainstream Medicine to “Blacklist” this natural pain killer.

Even though this product with its “magic drops” safely ends even your worst pains, Big Pharma was still able to disrupt the supply lines and keep it out of circulation.

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Are you an American football fan?

I am.

And if only people knew what pain these players have to go through to simply play and provide entertainment... they’d appreciate the sport more.

Like the fact that players are offered Toradol to numb the pain right before the game starts.

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New Diabetes Research Proves YOU Can Beat Type 2 Diabetes (News Story)healthx

Hi , it's David Andrews...
  Mainstream media finally covers the truth!
  Two major news outlets are reporting on the fact that type 2 diabetes can be reversed. One in Canada and one in the United Kingdom.
  What I have been saying all along is finally coming to light.
  Now with a balanced diet and the use of THIS gives you that extra push you need to finally be able to live finger pricking FREE.
  If you haven’t taken your health seriously, now is the time to do it. I’m no longer the tin hat wearing crazy guy yelling that type 2 diabetes can be reversed...The world has finally listened and accepted the fact that insulin or metformin is not going to help you in the long run! >> Check out the video for yourself.   To health and healing, David Andrews

  Featured Column by Michael Dempsey

The Best Fruits For Blood Glucose Control

Hi , it's Michael Dempsey...
I hope you are doing very well today! We’re here and today we’re talking about fruit. As a diabetic, there is no doubt some conflicting information out there about fruit.
You may have heard you should avoid it because it does contain sugar, but at the same time, you also know that it is loaded with dietary fiber and antioxidants, two things that are going to come in very helpful in keeping you healthy.
So what’s the real deal?
When it comes to fruit, what you need to keep in mind is that fruits can vary considerably in their impact on blood glucose levels. Some raise blood sugar a lot more than others. It depends on how much fiber they have, how much pure sugar is in that fruit, and what you are eating them with.
If you make your choices wisely, you can definitely include some fruits in your plan.
So which should you be opting for?
Here are my favorite choices.
Of all the fruits out there, raspberries actually contain some of the lowest sugar content. Per one cup serving, you’ll take in just 5.4 grams of sugar and get a huge dose of fiber at 8 grams. It’s very rare to see a fruit contain more fiber than sugar, so this is a home-run hit.
Berries are also loaded with antioxidants, so that also makes them a superior choice for health boosting effects.
Greenish Bananas
Next up on the list are greenish bananas. I say greenish because most people don’t like to eat green bananas, but if you do, all the power to you – that will be your best choice moving forward.
This said, if you need a little sweetness in there, greenish bananas – ones that aren’t quite yellow and ripe yet, will be second best. These won’t break down in the bloodstream as quickly as yellow bananas will so you won’t get that spike to your blood glucose levels like you otherwise would see.
These bananas won’t stay greenish for long however, so what you’ll want to try and do is put them in the fridge when they reach that stage if you can and then that will slow down or sometimes even stop the ripening process.
Finally, the last of the fruits that you’ll want to get into your menu is the avocado. Avocado’s are truly a unique fruit because they contain hardly any sugar at all. Instead, they contain a good dose of dietary fiber along with some healthy fats that will keep your heart healthy, your blood sugar levels stabilized, and help ensure that you have long lasting energy.
Avocado’s are also loaded with vitamin E, which is a fat soluble vitamin that will help to strengthen your immune system while also helping to improve your skin, hair, and nail health as well.
So there you have the three main fruits that you’ll want to be including as part of your regular diet plan. If you are not eating these already, then I highly suggest that you pick some up at the supermarket and get busy working them into your menu. The good news is they are all easy adds. All three can be incorporated into smoothies, berries can be added over yogurt, a banana can be served with some nut butter, and there are virtually an endless number of ways to serve avocado’s.
  To your vibrant health, Michael Dempsey
P.S. What’s your favorite fruit to eat when you’re trying to liven up your diet plan while still maintain control over your blood glucose levels?
Today’s Affirmation: I am strong and beautiful. I possess enough power within me to go after what I want and take my dreams to the next level. I will work hard and achieve greatness.  
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Hi , it's David Andrews...

There’s a biblical mineral unearthed that’s changing everything we thought we knew about diabetes…. what causes it, and even the way we should treat it.

 Turns out, it’s not just sugar.

 Or carbs…

Or being overweight that’s the problem.

 This shocking new research points out to a totally different cause of diabetes which we’re exposed to on a daily basis…


And an unlikely treatment coming from the bible itself.


Natural News, a reputable health site even writes that folks who are aware of this diabetes secret…

…are virtually immune to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease…


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Hi Vasile, it's David Andrews...

 The roots of this pink flower allow you to reset your body's blood-sugar-regulation system. 

And literally by the next morning, folks have their blood sugar levels down 20 mg/dl closer to normal.

 ...within 1 week, those levels are over 75 mg/dl closer to normal.

 ..within 3 weeks, most folks have completely healthy levels!

 All from just a couple seconds each day to balance blood sugar & melt pounds without changing your diet, and without any side effects.

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Dietary and Nutritional Supplements

What if you could wave a magic wand and literally

remove ANY pain to your knees, back, neck, ankles… or wherever it is that you hurt … safely and in seconds?

Because let’s face it…

The current options for pain relief leave a lot to

be desired.

Dangerous, addictive pain pills with a slew of side effects...

Most stretches and exercises just makes you

hurt worse...

And weird electrical devices that are supposed to

“shock” your pain away aren’t worth doing in the first place...

Worse, you end up with more pain than you

started with.

Now although it’s impossible to give you every

drug-free way to relieve you of your pain, at the

very least, I can get you started on the right path.


A recent study from Indiana University shows that

back massages can significantly improve back pain.

In fact, baby boomers and older patients are the

ones most likely to get pain relief from this kind

of treatment.


It’s a supplement is just as effective at reducing

knee pain as celecoxib— but without the health

risks. Just be vigilant as not all chondroitin

products are effective. The ones sold in drug

stores and supermarkets often contain

cheap ingredients.


It’s probably one of the most economical ways to

reduce the pain. Researchers suggests that fiber

reduces inflammation, which in turn lessens the

chances of developing knee arthritis.

Now, I could certainly go on and on as there are a

bunch more ways to be able to rid yourself of pain.

===>> But Here’s The Most Effective Method

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By Kevin Richardson



Scalp Med is a proven-effective regimen for male and female hair loss and thinning hair. Scalp Med uses an innovative, 2-step process not found in any other hair regrowth treatm


Terezia is a Czech company that produces supplements beneficial to human health. They contain active natural substances from oysters, mushrooms, sea buckthorns, and other healthy fungi and plants. All products are 100% natural without artificial additives.

Beast Sports Nutrition

Since 1996, Beast Sports Nutrition has been providing industry leading sports supplements to athletes and fitness-minded men and women worldwide. They are dedicated to developing the hottest new sports nutrition products coupled with a total dedication to customer service. Beast Sports products are distributed on six continents in popular categories such as protein, pre-workouts, amino acids, diet & weight loss, muscle building, recovery, and endurance.

Carson Life

Carson Life helps Hispanic consumers live healthier, happier, and more confident lives. The brand's wide range of natural products for hair care, beauty, skincare, weight loss, and rejuvenation provide the necessary boosts that shoppers require to feel energetic, positive, and able to take on the day's most demanding tasks


FNX is one of the fastest growing supplement movements in the CrossFit and Fitness world. Their supplements are formulated to help you endure longer, recover quicker, and build strength faster. Built by athletes, for athletes. Their formulations not only taste incredible - they also improve performance far beyond expectations. 

Quantum Nutrition Labs

Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL) was founded to deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness by providing 100% non-toxic products. QNL has achieved an industry first in offering quantum state products based on quantum cellular resonance technology. QNL products are free of undesirable chemical tagalongs through the entire process, from conception to consumption: growing, harvesting, encapsulation, bottling and delivery to customers


PatchMD offers an innovative solution to optimize daily nutrient intake. 100% natural, convenient and easy to use, PatchMD is lactose, gluten, and sugar-free. 

Vitamin Packs

With Vitamin Packs, every customer creates a health profile that generates a unique, personalized supplement combination based on lifestyle, habits, peer-reviewed scientific studies, the medications he or she takes, and the wisdom of VitaminPacks’ expert physicians and nutritionists. Customers then subscribe to receive their personalized supplements in the mail each month. VitaminPacks is real science, real convenience, and real value. 

Swanson Health Products

Swanson is dedicated to helping customers live healthier lives. Since 1969, the company has offered vitamins and supplements backed by pure and effective ingredients, quality testing and a 100% money back guarantee. Swanson makes it easy for customers to choose the best product, no matter where they are on their health journey. 


Kratom is widely known for improving chronic pain.

Healthy Way Rx



Health and Beauty

Two-Per-Day Tablets are the highest-potency multivitamin on the market. In fact, they have the highest potencies of any science-based multivitamin formula that can fit inside two capsules — so you get the full-spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

But why? Research has shown that vitamin supplementation at a recommended daily allowance (RDA) may not be adequate. That’s why Two-Per-Day formula provides superior, clinically validated dosages for optimal health.

Health for everybody

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ChildrenCare, Natural Medicine, 

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