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Insurance is a form of risk management which involves transferring a risk that you bear, onto an insurance firm, so that you will no longer need to worry about any event occurring, like death and accident. In this process, you pay a fee or premium. What you get in return is peace of mind. The risk that you are transferring with life insurance is the financial risk of your own death. Keep in mind that it is in certain circumstances possible to insure the life of another person, such as your husband or wife, your children, or an important employee. Your insurance company will then pay out to the named beneficiary once the event occurs. Usually, the person insured is a family member or a business associate.

The thing that insurance companies will be looking for is an insurable interest. Insurance policy states that you could only insure the life of someone that you have a real interest in surviving. Public policy issue also exists that it would be tempting to some people to insure strangers and then make sure they died soon. Your insurance policy will have two important details defined right at the outset.

The first is who is to be paid out under the policy. While this seems obvious, it is important to think carefully about it as, unlike in most insurance contracts, the purchaser of the policy is rarely the beneficiary under a life insurance policy.

The second important detail is the amount to be paid out on to occurrence of the event. It must be remembered that this is also subject to the rule of insurable interest. Therefore you cannot have a policy on your life for more than your life is reasonably financially worth. Since the premium is partially calculated on the amount of the payout, you will simply be paying for more insurance than you can receive. Therefore be honest with how much you earn and how much support you are providing to your family so that the premium will be accurately assessed.

Always consider things when applying for an insurance policy. Check out the background of your insurance company. Ask referrals from acquaintances who are insurance policy holders themselves. Many scrupulous firms carry out insurance fraud to deceive the people and steal their hard-earned money by signing them into bogus insurance policies. This is another thing you should know. For an added peace of mind, you should try to invest in fraud investigation. Report a fraud, especially insurance fraud.


When you choose Europ Assistance as your Schengen visa travel insurance provider, you also get the support and expertise of 750,000 partners. If something goes wrong, not only will your medical expenses be properly reimbursed, but you will also get help from competent medical professionals at qualified medical centers, no matter where you are.
During stressful situations or emergencies abroad, communicating in your native language can be a source of comfort. When such a situation occurs, you can trust that Europ Assistance will be there to help you 24/7.


Visitors Coverage-- travel insurance

VisitorsCoverage is a global travel insurance solutions company helping over 2 million travelers across the globe, travel with peace of mind. We provide over 30 top-of-the-line travel medical and trip insurance plans from a multitude of insurance companies. Upon joining, publishers earn $12/transaction for policies purchased for travel with the USA as a destination and $1/transaction for policies purchased for travel leaving the USA including a chance for publishers earn more for each transaction when they reach certain benchmarks for referrals sales per month.

Visitors Coverage Winter Banners Version 1
Visitors Coverage Visitors Coverage


Reaal Verzekeringen NL

REAAL is a Dutch insurer with a complete range of flexible and reliable insurance for private and business customers. REAAL has a realistic view of insurance and knows what is happening in the market and in society. With accessible and transparent banking and insurance, REAAL helps its clients grow financial opportunities.

Columbus Direct (International)

Columbus Direct specializes in travel insurance in more than 50 countries, serving over 2 million travelers already with one of the best insurance products in the market in terms of quality and price ratio. Customers have the option to use a simple aggregator system to simultaneously compare all of the available products, and then they can buy travel insurance in just minutes. 


World-First offers travel insurance at a price that's fair. World First offers single trip, annual multi-trip, backpacker, cruise, and winter sports policies to provide peace of mind for travelers and 24/7 emergency medical assistance

Allianz Travel (US)

Allianz Travel (US) offers air travel insurance plans and maritime travel insurance to meet the needs of people around the world. 

Trip Cover

Tripcover's excess reduction policy is a travel insurance product, specifically designed to only cover your rental car excess and luggage. Now renters have the choice to use an affordable cover, with the reputable underwriter Allianz, to give you a Tripcover peace of mind when going on your next car rental trip. 

Travel Insurance Saver

Travel Insurance Saver is an Australian owned and operated web-based agent offering Travel Insurance at discounted rates. The large range of products and benefits allows the user to easily compare benefits side by side to identify the best travel insurance solution for your customers holiday requirements



eHealthInsurance is one of the nation's leading online sources of health insurance for individuals and families. They have established relationships with more than 180 health insurance carriers and over 10,000 health insurance products online. In addition, they are the only site that allows a consumer to view quotes, compare plans side-by-side and apply for health insurance. 


DirectAsia is a Singaporean general insurance company that launched in 2010 with a goal of changing the face of insurance in Asia. As Singapore's favorite online motor insurer, DirectAsia offers five-star quality car, motorcycle, and annual travel insurance, as well as top-rated customer and claims service.

Travel Insurance Saver 

Travel Insurance Saver is an Australian owned and operated web-based agent offering Travel Insurance at discounted rates. The large range of products and benefits allows the user to easily compare benefits side by side to identify the best travel insurance solution for your customers holiday requirements.

Cover-More for travel-insurance

As one of Australia's largest travel insurance providers, over 1 million Australians buy Cover-More Travel Insurance every year. We have operations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Cover-More administers more travel insurance sales, medical assessments and claims than any other provider in Australia.

Allianz Travel Insurance - Protect Your Trip
Allianz Travel Insurance
Protect your Family with Allianz Travel Insurance

Protect your vacation! Allianz Travel Insurance is your ticket to worry-free travel. Get your free quote.

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